Tyynelä elfmanors christmas opening is on thursday 1.12.2016 at 11:00!

Come and get some christmas spirit and drink some glög or coffee in our coffeeshop.

We have a lottery going on among all our guests in december, the winner will be picked in the end of the month and the price is an handmade elf.

Tyynelän Tontut is located at the coast, by the seven bridges road between Kokkola and Pietarsaari at the municipality of Luoto. At the 18th centurys courtyard you can see granarys which are decorated in different themes and they are furnished with antique. There is also the main building of elfs called Tyynelä.

You can go shopping for elfs in the Kirkkovärds house without bying a ticket.

You can also rent a space from Tonttula i.e for wedding, birthday, meetings etc.